Welcome to the University of Dune!

21: OOPS!!!

This is a podcast cursed by god


The majority of our scintillating discussion about a very interesting chapter has been LOST TO THE SANDS OF TIME!!! (Like in Dune)

It eludes our past and furturesight, it evades our ancestral memories, we experience a time-blindness yet unknown to us; our dang recording device stopped working about four minutes into the episode proper. This happened because we are a podcast cursed by god, that should not exist but continues to do so despite his justfied hatred of us.

HOWEVER, watch and marvel as I stretch 4 minutes of content into thirteen minutes for listeners' enjoyment and pleasure!

You, listeners, will simply have to settle for the podcast of your imagination and your dreams, instead of us listening to a Funny Song and spending too long on worms of the week(s) even though we didn't really have any. You would be surprised to learn that we actually had many almost positive things to say about this chapter; we nearly liked it! Unfortunately, all proof of positive Dune experiences have been unintentionally erased.

Please, we beg of you, still listen to this episode and then tell us how much you liked it at [email protected] or on our twitter @Duneiversity!

You can listen to an even more worse sounding podcast that also sometimes happens to be about Naruto (?) at narutohead.band or @narutohead_band on Twitter! You won't like it, but you should always remain open to new experiences.


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