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11: This is So Sad- Gurney Halleck, Play Despacito

We're BACK babEY!

THE TWIN CHANCELLORS ARE BACK! What happened to us? Who knows! Whatever it was, we sure didn't release any episodes for a month!

This episode, we YET AGAIN ENCOUNTER TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES! Us two Time Wizards of the Brain Mind have experienced so many micro-aggressions that our psychic muscles got really big and strong. This chapter, Frank forgot to drink his Jessica Respecting Juice (again!), we encounter mysterious things that go lump in the night, engage in Piter patter, and feel kind of bad for Yueh. We consider a new domain name, invoke some Pasta Shapes Discourse, and declare a Spicy Meatball.

There is a lot of non-detailed mention of fictional sexual violence this episode. We try to keep it light, but would be really remiss not to mention it at all. Be warned! If you're sensitive to this material, this is a CW.

If you're aching to tell us how happy you are that the podcast is back, please get in touch at [email protected] ! If you're the person who stole my itunes account, please give it back.

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